Stevia tablet

Stevia tablet




IngredientRA98ErythritolMagnesium stearate

Sweetness: 20 times than cane sugar

Packing--- 1kg neutral bag/box

                  Or packed in dispenser as per customer’s demand


Reb-A series

Specification:  Stevia Reb-A 40%,50%,60%,80%,95%,98%


It is white or light yellow crystalline powder or granules. Reb-A is the best sweet component in Stevia extract. It is manufactured with specially-planted stevia materials with high quality and has the properties of fresh and lasting taste, no bitter aftertaste etc. The sweetness is 300-450 times of cane sugar while the calorific value is only 1/300 of cane sugar.


It belongs to the alternative of stevioside and maintains the other original strong points of Stevia. The sweetness is always lingering in the mouth. The melting point is at 196-198 ° C. It’s much more stable in acidic and alkaline solution (PH5-7). Meanwhile it can make the flavor better and improve the quality of the products.

Classification:  Rebaudioside 40%-98%

Characteristics: Most same as STEVIOSIDE


It can substitute for sugar with lower cost and better flavor quality, which is widely used in food, drinks, pickled products, household chemicals, all medical and health care products and all sugar fields.