Frozen sushi wakame chuka salad

Product name: Frozen wakame stem saladN.W.: 8.00kg/ctnG.W.:10.50kg/ctn10% liquidvaPacking: 1kg/bag,10bags/carton,1800cartons/20’container,2500cartons/40’container.

100% Rosehip oil

We supply 100% food grade rosehip oil and beauty rosehip oil

Cut soybean sheet

cut spybean sheet/whole soybean sheet


rosehip whole rosehip shellrosehip cut

Shiitake mushroom

2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5cm and up

New crop goji berry

New crop goji berry 280~300/50g

Dried bean curd wing

New supply. Dried bean curd wing. Dried soybean fuzhu product

Food grade chlorella powder/tablet

Food grade chlorella product. We accept customized packing. MOQ:100kgs

Spirulina powder

The latest shipment, 120mesh spirulina powder, food grade.

Fresh roasted sushi nori

Quality Grade: A--gold, B--silver, C--blue, D--greenTaste: crisp and tenderFlavor: delicious and nutritiousApplication: for sushi and onigiriType: seaweed noriSize: Full sheet 19* ...

Goji berry

Commodity:Organic goji berry, Red goji berry, Black goji berrySpec:280pcs/50g , 320pcs/50g , 350pcs/50g , 380pcs/50g ,420pcs/50g , 500pcs/50g , 580pcs/50g, Etc.You can find import ...

Matcha powder/Organic match powder

Matcha powder/organic matcha powder, 500mesh, 1000mesh, 2000mesh, 3000mesh.

New product-honey tea

Honey Lemon tea, Honey Grapefruit Tea, Honey blueberry Tea, Honey Longan Juijube Tea, Honey Passion Tea, Honey Ginger Tea

Dunaliella salina

Dunaliella salina is rich in variety of natural carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, lecithin, fucoidan, dietary fiber and so on. It also ...

Soybean stick fuzhu

Bean curd stick is a food product made from soybeans. It is also called as Tofu Stick, Tofu Skin, Yuba, Fuzhu, Bean Curd Stick, etc. It is widely used in Chinese & Japanese cuisin ...

Chlorella Growth Factor CGF

Function:1. chlorella growth factor restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition.2. chlorella growth factor reduces the risk of ca ...

Organic Spirulina + Chlorella (50/50) Mix Tablet

Organic Spirulina + Chlorella (50/50) Mix TabletIngredients: Organic Spiruline powder 49% + Organic Cellwall broken Chlorella powder 49% + 0.5% Magnesium Stearate + 1.5% Silicon D ...

Red goji berry/Black goji berry

Product Chinese goji berry, Goji berry, Fresh goji berry Color Red goji berry Type Crude medicine Origin of goji berry Ningxia, China Shelf life 18 months Size of Goji Berry 180/ ...

High quality phycocyanin from spirulina

Product Name: Phycocyanin (from Spirulina)Appearance: Brilliant Blue Powder,100% in Water SolubleApplications: Natural Coloring Matter For Food(( Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert, Pud ...

Best Selling Soybean Stick Fuzhu

What is bean curd stick? Bean curd stick is a food product made from soybeans. It is also called as Tofu Stick, Tofu Skin, Yuba, Fuzhu, Bean Curd Stick, etc. It is widely used in ...

Algae spirulina extract phycocyanin powder/tablets

1.Phycocyanin (also called Spirulina Blue, Blue Spirulina, Spirulina Extract) is a pigment-protein complex from the light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with allo- phyc ...

HDJY spirulina

Spirulina powder is dark green, has algae characteristic odour. This product has full rich nutrition, high protein content, is rich in many kinds of vitamins, minerals and other t ...

Health Product Algae Spirulina

1. Spirulina's scientific name is arthrospira platensis. This edible algae has a long history of safe human consumption and over 30 years of safety testing. Special farms where s ...

High quality chlorella products

We supply high quality organic/regular chlorella powder and chlorella tablets.Chlorella powder: 80mesh, 120meshChlorella tablets: 200mg, 250mg, 500mg, etc. Our chlorella have pass ...

New product!!! Phycocyanin tablets spirulina extract tablets natural bule pigment

Algal phycocyanin is a kind of dark blue powder isolated from spirulina.It is not only a kind of protein, but also an excellent natural food coloring, and also a good health food. ...

2014-2015 crop of rosehip is available

2014-2015 crop is availabel: Whole rosehip fruitsRosehip peelRosehip tea cutRosehip seeds

2013 year new Rowan will be available

2013 year new Rowan (mountain ash, sorbus) start to collect and supply in Oct-Nov.

Supply 2013 machine dried laminaria cut

Supply 2013 crop of machine dried and sun dried laminaria cut. Third new factory goes into operation now.

Supply spirulina products new crop

New product of spirulina is available since May 2012, best price best quality.

Supply Soy bean curd stick

We have our own joint venture which professionaly produces Soy bean curd stick:protein: not less than 38%fat: not less than 18% Packing: 500g bag, 9kgs cartonExported to Russina m ...

Meeting Belarus customers in China SIAL

In May of 2012, we attened China SIAL, met our old customer from Belarus.

2013 crop laminaria still high price

Till now, the price of 2013 crop of laminaria is till on high side. This is terrible thing for trade, but we have to accept this fact.