High Quality Shiitake Extract (Lentinus Edodes)

High Quality Shiitake Extract (Lentinus Edodes)

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Product Description

Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula Edodes Mushroom)is one of the best known medicinal mushrooms. In

Chinese herbalism it is reported to boost “Qi” within the body’s blood circulation, tonify the liver and

support overall immune health. Modern research suggests that extracts of Shiitake mushrooms may

also help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.


In traditional Chinese and Japanese herbalism Shiitake was always prepared as a tea or decoction,

a hot water extract, when used medicinally. Lentinus edodes extract the most important active ingredients

are the polysaccharide.This is also reflected in the scientific research. Hot water extracts are the only form

 of Shiitake supplement ever used or studied in the published research.




1. It has significant anti-tumor and immune stimulating effect, there are other immune function and

antioxidant properties.

2. May modulate the immune system of many components, some of which were considered to have

significant anti-tumor features, also as an active anti-HIV substances.

3. Reduce high blood pressure, may improve cardiovascular health, with strong characteristics of

anti-liver toxins.

4. To be effective for the treatment of neck stiffness, shoulder stiffness, conjunctivitis, bronchitis,

rheumatism, to improve the immune system. Anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging effect.




1. Functional food additive & health supplement;

2. Beverage;

3. Cosmetics & personal care products;

specifications︰ Polysaccharides 30% 40% 50%

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